TalkHelper is a free tool that can be exactly what you seek to solve their Skype video recording problems: it not only records the videos through the screen recording, but it works by capturing this material directly by the application.

That is, you can separately record the two video sources (which is being sent from your PC and the incoming transmission) at full resolution and full size even if the window is minimized. If you want to just save the audio, it is also possible, and the files are saved with the best possible quality.

When you want to make video and audio recordings, simply open Skype and the TalkHelper the app automatically recognizes the source. You can choose to save the sound files in WAV or MP3, and videos are stored in AVI in the highest possible quality. Any Skype version is supported by this plugin, but the ideal is to always be with both programs updated for bug fixes. In addition to saving the files, the TalkHelper also has a sort of file manager. That way, you do not need to open Explorer to find the videos and recorded audio using this application: just use the menus of the sidebar and it shows everything that has already been saved according to the filters (by date or type).

Above you gave a full description of the TalkHelper and functionality, now we know what we think of him.
The TalkHelper is one of the most popular application options to record Skype conversations, since it differentiates itself from competitors by a very important function: it saves files "in" Skype, unlike most apps, that use only reading function and direct recording screen. Also, be free only increases the positive points it!

Quality and configuration options

What draws more attention to TalkHelper are precisely the options that the program offers to record the video and audio files. They can be saved separately (thus, the sound can be stored in MP3 or WAV), and you can choose exactly what you want to record the conversation. This has enough highlights the program in relation to its competitors. The TalkHelper interface is not the most simple to understand at first, since there are several menus and buttons, but with a few minutes of use you can already adapt. The main tools are on the top bar, and you can access them with just one click. The main options are TalkHelper recording video or audio, but it also saves the historical audio message or video received in the conversation, even if it is not a link. This is very interesting, even if it is possible to save these contents otherwise, since this way they are all stored in one place.

Media Library

This ends up creating a media library through which you can navigate quickly and intuitively. See the messages and older recordings or access the latest content by clicking the filter of time and type. That is, besides saving all with the highest quality, TalkHelper also has the advantage of organizing the items automatically. Worth doing the test with this plugin for Skype. It works exclusively in this messaging service - it would be interesting to save Hangouts links, for example! - But this is done with the best quality and well-organized manner.